Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this software for linux, or is this software for windows?

A: The k12wincd CD image contains software that has been compiled for Microsoft Windows. However, all of the software that this CD installs has linux equivalents.

Q: So why not just use something like GnuwinCD?

A: Please do use GnuWin it is a great project. That said, the goal of this CD is slightly different in that it is targeted at students that use k12ltsp at school, but have windows installed at home. Also, the project includes an open source auto-run program configurable with a simple XML document.

Q: Why isn't [name of specific software] on this CD?

A: We welcome any suggestions as to what should be included on this CD, however keep in mind. The software should only be windows equivalents of free software that runs well on an LTSP network. Also, the CD is weighing in at 150MB for version 1.0. Since sourceforge was nice enough to host this site for me, id like to keep the file size well under that of a standard CDROM image.

Q: If space is a concern why is the installer written in Java?

A: Simple. My java coding skills are much better than my C/C++ skills. And the XML config file was really easy to do. I'm thinking about possibly re-writing the installer in wxwindows or Qt so that the auto-run program comes up faster and free up some space for more programs, but I'm open to suggestions.

Q: Why is this such a plain and boring looking website?

A: Hey! play nicely. You have to love the cool DHTML menu :)